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notes about C-19CO and production company responsibilities and duties

This newly designated position is responsible for establishing and enforcing Covid-19 safety protocols, training staff and monitoring compliance on all film,music video, and commercial sets. It is suggested to have one CCO for every 25 people.






The Covid-19 compliance officer is not  a trained medical professional. This position is a support position to allow sets to open safely, but does not replace the need for a set medic or the need for medical professionals to be engaged in emergency services or covid-19 testing.

The covid-19 position is a standalone position on set and should not be expected to perform other non-related duties. A set medic, producer, 1st AD, director etc should work in conjunction with the covid-19 compliance officer..

It is a conflict of interest for the producer to be the covid-19 compliance officer.

It is the production company's responsibility to pay for all testing, ppe and cleaning supplies.

It is the production companies responsibility to inform all cast and crew of possible exposure

It is the crew members responsibility to inform the production company if they test positive with in 14 days of the production

It is the production company's responsibility to inform the local health department if a cluster of 3 or more positive covid-19 cases occur from any given production



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