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on the day

  • first person on set

  • set up signage and social distancing marks

  • set up marks for dining area

  • set up marks for work stations, video village,conference areas, trailers, tents (musician distance is 8 feet)

  • set up traffic arrows in narrow hallways/passages

  • ensure hand sanitizing and hand washing stations are readily available all over set

  • assure good ventilation with open doors and windows

  • screen everyone who enters the building, no exceptions

  • mandatory all crew, client, talent etc safety meeting; explain mask wearing and distancing rules. (mask from bridge of nose to under the chin)

  • 3 times a day disinfect high touch points (door handles, faucets etc)

  • enforce social distancing and mask wearing

  • enforce food and beverage consumed only in designated area

  • sanitation of equipment throughout the day

  • screen all cast and crew halfway through the day

  • report to producer any non-compliance issues

  • assure anything being wrapped or packed at end of day is deep cleaned and sanitized

  • sanitize walkie talkies

  • assure location is sanitized by a service after the day

  • give/send all screening questionaires to producer/production company in private folder to assure peoples privacy

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